hirondelle et pépin
irondale et pepin

Hirondelle et pépin means "swallows and seeds" in French.
Inspired by the Tsubame from Oscar Waid's story "The Happy Prince"

May you sow many seeds of happiness

I named it with a wish to say.

The brand line is delicate and rustic, reminiscent of old Paris.
The GOLD series "petit bonheur" means "small happiness.
It is a little bit luxurious order that will be a reward to yourself.

Designer Mayumi Hirooka founded hirondelle in 2000 while studying metal engraving at an art junior college.
Currently, the designer has an atelier in Osaka,
All accessories are made by hand, cherishing the atmosphere of each accessory.
In addition, it has been developed all over the world for many years as a delicate and presence accessory with a unique manufacturing method that does not create a design drawing, but creates a three-dimensional image while feeling the material with your hands.



Mayumi Hirooka
Born in 1975.
Studied metal engraving at an art junior college and established hirondelle in 2000 while working as an assistant.
In 2002, he became independent and started full-scale activities as hirondelle.
Established hirondelle.mk Co., Ltd. in March 2009. Set up an atelier in Osaka.

Irondale Emka Co., Ltd.
8F Oguraya Yamamoto Honten Building, 4-10-26
Minami Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
zip 542-0081