hr-20fw-566 fruit pave lemon lemon ring / gold

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Color gold k18
size Motif: Height approx. 4.7mm/Width approx. 7.4mm/Thickness approx. 1.1mm
Ring: width about 0.9mm/thickness about 0.7mm
* Due to the nature of handmade products, there are individual differences in size, so please consider it as a guide.
material k18 yellow sapphire

A yellow sapphire k18 gold lemon ring that expresses the freshness of fruit.
In 2020FW, a fruit pave series with natural stone sparkles in each shape will appear.

It has the atmosphere of old jewelry that is characteristic of hirondelle et pepin.
The small fruity motif is mature and cute, perfect for when you want to add a sense of fun.

It is also good to enjoy happy yellow to the fullest by matching it with a yellow color outfit.
Of course, it goes well with other rings developed by hirondelle et pepin, so it's great to stack.

■We also have necklaces and earrings with the same motif.

・k18 hn-20fw-543 fruit pave lemon lemon necklace / gold

・k18 hp-20fw-646 fruit pave lemon lemon earrings / gold (one ear type)

■ There is also a difference in motif.

・k18 hr-20fw-564 fruit pave pear ring / gold

・k18 hr-20fw-565 fruit pave apple ring / gold

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