hr-20fw-570 star dust ring L / gold

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Color gold k18
size Ring: width about 2.0mm/thickness about 1.1mm
* Due to the nature of handmade products, there are individual differences in size, so please consider it as a guide.
material k18

A k18 gold ring with fine unevenness engraved on the surface.
In 2020FW, the star dust <star dust> series that feels like a small universe is now available.

It has the atmosphere of old jewelry that is characteristic of hirondelle et pepin.
The way it reflects light and sparkles makes it look like stardust is sparkling on your finger, adding an elegant glamor to your hand.

It is also ideal for marriage rings because it gives off a presence even by itself. (Platinum is also available)
The simple design matches any outfit and is perfect for daily use.
It goes well with other rings developed by hirondelle et pepin, so it is recommended as a stacking item.

■Some of the same series have different widths.

・k18 hr-20fw-568 star dust ring S / gold (width approx. 1.0mm)

・k18 hr-20fw-569 star dust ring M / gold (width approx. 1.5mm)

■Platinum version is also available.

・pt900 pr-20fw-102 star dust ring S / platinum (about 1.0mm wide)

・pt900 pr-20fw-103 star dust ring M / platinum (about 1.5mm wide)

・pt900 pr-20fw-104 star dust ring L / platinum (about 2.0mm wide)

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